Very shameful and Inhuman act done by someone with 5 year old innocent girl

In today’s world human beings are not being human but are becoming a devil. A recent case of a similar case has emerged, which is from Surat India.

Where someone was mistreated with the 5 years old girl about whom no one can imagine. Actually at midnight 5 years old girl was sleeping with their parents at home.

Dring this time at midnigjt someone silently came into their home and he jut took that innocent girl with him and went outsid the home woth her.

After few hours girl came back to home but whe was in very critical condition.

when mother checked her clothes she was shocked because her daughter’s colthes were filled with the stains of red colour amd her legs were also covered with the same.

All family members immediately took their daughter into hospital where they found that there was really something happened with the girl.
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