Death of Young man Broken the backbone of Father

After the first heavy rains, the roof of the house fell and now the death of the young man has broken the heart of old Father.

The situation is that the old father is still helpless after the son’s death.

In Chhiniwal village of Barnala 34-year-old young man, Gurpreet, committed suicide at home.

In fact, during the rainy season, the roof of the house of the poor family fell down.

Garpreet himself used to spend day-to-day counseling and was not good at home and now he was upset because of the roof of his house. Due to this problem, he took the step of suicide. Garpreet has left behind 1 old father, a sick wife and two daughters, including his Son. The son’s burden on the poverty of the house, the burden of death has broken the family.
In this hour of distress, the villagers are helping the government to compensate for this poor family.
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